WhatsApp fulfills users' long-standing wish


WhatsApp fulfills users' long-standing wish
Photo : WhatsApp Messager

San Francisco: The leading messaging mobile application provided multi-device feature facility to all, fulfilling the long-standing desire of users. 

WhatsApp has more than two billion users worldwide who are provided with new facilities or features by the company day after day to provide facilities and maintain technology world lead. 

For users, the company introduced a multi-device feature that allows them to use the same account on mobile, web, computer, for users.

The company also offered multi-device facility for web and desktop users by expanding the scope. 

WhatsApp has now provided multi-device feature to all users, whereby they can use the same account simultaneously on different devices and web desktops.

Users will be able to use mobiles on 4 different devices without internet in addition to the central device in which the account is created. 

Method of use WhatsApp New feature :

WhatsApp users can avail this feature by getting a new update of WhatsApp from the Google Play store. Once the code is scan, they will have a message to connect the account to different devices on the main device. 

Technology watchers believe that the facility will be provided to consumers by the end of March or mid-April. 

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