WhatsApp adds new feature beta search

WhatsApp adds to key feature

WhatsApp, the world's most popular messaging app, has released important updates for Android users via the Google Beta program.

WhatsApp Update Version has introduced a feature called Search Message Shortcuts for Beta Testers, according to a report by Web Beta Info, a website that monitors WhatsApp activities.

 The report states that this feature is currently in the testing stages and has only been released for the Android beta

 WhatsApp redesigned New Contact Info last year, much like Business Information.

WhatsApp adds to key feature

 Meanwhile, WhatsApp began work on redesigning contact info for the WhatsApp iOS beta, which included a 'search shortcut' feature.

 A screenshot of the beta account shown in the report shows that this feature has been redesigned in the contact info patch.

 Some users may also see this shortcut in Group Info, but it is not working in the group yet and this issue will be fixed in the new update.

 The search message shortcut feature will be released to all Android users in the upcoming update and all users updated to version will be able to benefit from it.

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