Violence against Shariah for 'blasphemy' charge, Islamic Ideological Council says

Violence against Shariah for 'blasphemy' charge, Islamic Ideological Council says
Chairman Islamic Ideological Council Dr. Kubla Ayaz was holding a press conference after a special meeting of the Council — file photo

 The Islamic Ideological Council (CII) and other scholars have termed the incidents in Talamba, Sialkot and Swabi as unconstitutional and said that it is unlawful to torture anyone on charges of blasphemy or blasphemy. ۔

 Chairman Islamic Ideological Council Dr. Qibla Ayaz while address

ing a press conference after the special meeting of the council said that it is against Sharia to torture anyone by accusing him of blasphemy or blasphemy. Taking the law into one's own hands under the guise of religion is against Islamic principles.

 He said that the Sialkot tragedy was against Islamic teachings and Islam was against such violent incidents.

 He demanded that the culprits involved in the Sialkot tragedy should be punished as soon as possible.

 Dr Qibla Ayaz said that it was commendable to present the 'Message of Pakistan' in the Parliament and it was also recommended to present it in the Provincial Assemblies.

 A statement issued by the Islamic Ideological Council said that torturing a person by accusing him of blasphemy, blasphemy of the Qur'an or blasphemy is unlawful, inhumane and a violation of Islamic principles.

 The council says indiscriminate violence against a person accused by a mob does not meet the test of reason or the teachings of the religion.

 The statement said that failure to punish the real perpetrators of blasphemy in a timely manner justifies the Talamba or Sialkot tragedy.

 The Islamic Ideological Council (IIC) has suggested that the government should set up a commission of experts to look into the future of the Sialkot tragedy. Include experts in religion and economics who suggest measures to end violence in society.

 The council further suggested that translations of verses and hadiths related to respect for humanity should be displayed in mosques, imambargahs and educational institutions, and that time should be set aside for Shariah commands regarding respect for humanity in programs on the media.

 The Islamic Ideological Council points out that due to various national and international factors and motives, the traditional Eastern family system is in a state of disintegration. ۔


 It may be recalled that a few days ago, in Jangal Dera village of Mian Channu, the locals had allegedly hanged a person who had desecrated the Qur'an from a tree and then killed him by hitting him with bricks.

 In December last year, an angry mob in Sialkot brutally beat and burned the body of a local Sri Lankan factory manager, accusing him of blasphemy.

 Even before this, there have been several reports of civilians being killed by angry mobs in the country on other charges including blasphemy, desecration of sacred papers.

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