A new feature update on Instagram " sensitive content control"

Asslamu Aliakum, hope you're doing well. 

 Introducing a new feature on Instagram regarding sexual, violent and sensitive content.

Now, Instagram gives users the option to control sexual, violent and sensitive content in the Explore section.

 Instagram has introduced a new option in the settings called sensitive content control. This feature will allow users to prevent any kind of immoral, sensitive and violent content from appearing on their profile.

 According to Instagram, if the visible content contradicts the app's suggestions and is against the user's choice, it can now be easily restricted.

 To do this, go to Instagram's settings, select the account option there, then you will see the option of sensitive content control. After selecting it, three more options will be on the screen.

 Option 1 Allow: After enabling it, you will see this type of content. Second option Limit: This option will reduce the number of such content slightly.
 Third option Limit even more: The number of such content will be very limited.

 However, under the company's policy, there will be no bonfire option for those under 18 years of age.

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