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No more iPhones in India Apple
The Ministry of Finance has started issuing instructions to the Secretary Establishment Division to all Ministries, Divisions and Government Departments.
Extreme cruelty in Occupied Kashmir, Nana's martyrdom in front of 3-year-old grandson, child's video made everyone cry
Why do hair turn white at an early age and how to get rid of it?
Top 10 apps to be downloaded worldwide in 2020
Amazing technology, it is now possible to download thousands of movies in just one second
The student solved the problem of bad internet signals
Lockdown: How to make money at home by using your simple setup in Pakistan?
The last Twitter message before the death of well-known TV anchor Tariq Aziz seems to have stopped.
The good news for consumers is that WhatsApp has introduced a remittance feature
PTA announces ban on Internet-enabled PN software in the country Users using virtual private networks must register by June 30
Video conference to address the problems caused by the shortage of petroleum products in the country.
Petroleum product prices reduced by Rs 7, 6 paise per liter The new price of petrol has been reduced to Rs 74, 52 paise per liter.
What kind of personality did Captain Sajjad Gul possess?
Engagement photos of doctors treating Corona patients go viral
Prices of petroleum products are likely to fall further. Prices may fall to Rs 10. In the current situation, reduction in prices of petroleum products will bring relief to the people.
Plane crash PIA List from 1965.
Faisal Javed Khan says About Ertugrul Ghazi drama in his tweets
How Muhammad Zubair survived the plane crash, PIA Plane crash Karachi Pakistan
Halima Sultan is excited to come to Pakistan and meet her fans
51+ Stars in the sky going together form North East to South West in pakistan
TRT Ertugrul Ghazi season 1 episode 1 by PTV in Urdu/ Hindi download and watch
Ertugrul Ghazi's Halima Sultan The actress faces severe criticism from Pakistani users on social media, unbearable for Pakistanis in real life.
Turkish drama serial "Ertugrul Ghazi" can now be watched on YouTube channel "TRP Ertugrul by PTV"
What's the brothers in arms pubg mobile game, The Brothers in arms pubg mobile game me kia hai.
An effective treatment for the Corona virus, which is far from overlooked
Prime Minister announces to receive electricity and gas bills in 3-month installments Currently, 300 units of electricity and 2,000 gas bills can be paid in 3 months, debate is on to reduce interest rates, increasing the number of shelters, Corona  Have to compete together.
Five deaths due to corona across the country, 776 patients, and lockdown begins in Sindh.
Corona virus confirmed in 6 foreign nationals of Tablighi community
Health certificate issued after the full screening of more than 4,000 Pakistani travelers: Iranian consulate.
Coronavirus, hundreds of monkeys in Thailand go hungry, video goes viral, and how did the worldwide outbreak
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