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Specific smartphone users will miss WhatsApp next year, after December 31, the messaging app will stop working on some Android and iPhone models and Windows Mobile phones.
Sindh government announces new test policy for employers
Disadvantages of sun eclipse? What is sun eclipse explanation
Brief introduction of new Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed
Pakistan made huge sacrifices in the fight against terrorism: PM
Three parties were important on Nawaz Sharif's case and Shahbaz Sharif is most shocked by senior journalist and analyst Dr Shahid Masood
What precautions should a hypertensive patient take?
What did Sunny Devol say about Pakistan?
Cancer revealed by gastrointestinal tract cancer
The British conspiracy destroyed the educational system of Muslims.  Prime Minister Imran Khan
The boring phone that got rid of mobile 'drunk' has hit the market
I  refused merry because my life was in danger: Mehran Rao If I had married Humility, the relatives would not have survived, in case of marriage the police would have recovered the modesty and her parents would have taken her out.  I would have been sentenced and sentenced to 14 years for me and my family would be destroyed soon after marriage: student statement.
Permanent link with dengue or malaria, the main cause of the spread of poor sanitary conditions
Pakistan to export 1000 MW of electricity daily to Tajikistan Pakistan formally offers to sell electricity to Tajikistan, Pakistan ready to supply electricity at a rate of Rs 15 per unit.
Do you know the secret of the small openings on the locks?
Leading mobile company introduces 3 new flagship phones of OPPO
Xiaomi introduced the cheapest mobile with infinite features
Lose weight by growing a cup of spinach
Which country's land was used for attacks on oil wells in Saudi Arabia.
Kuwait orders its army to prepare for war after attack on Saudi oil installations Issuing a red alert for Kuwaiti army, urging it to remain alert, the US also offered Saudi Arabia for retaliation after the attack
The value of the dollar fell down against the rupee.
Now smartphones will be available to the public at very low cost but how?  Government of Pakistan has heard the good news
Amazing tonic of pomegranate juice for baby's mental health.
Google’s Apple Arcade competitor Play Pass is officially on the way
Drought in Iraq caused the dam's water to drain, so what came out of the bottom?
Apple Arcade will cost $4.99 per month and launch September 19th.
Dollar will be cheaper, Pakistan's foreign exchange reserves rise by $ 1 billion 27 million in two months.
What is the legal status of insurance? | types of insurance | legal or illegal issue of insurance.| insurance reviews in religion.
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